Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

reduces carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and lifecycle carbon dioxide
emissions from your motor vehicle

reduces engine component wear and tear
with advanced lubricating properties and additives


reduces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and lifecycle carbon dioxide
emissions from your motor vehicle. Advanced detergent additives help prevent deposit build up and keep intake valves clean, maintaining vehicle performance and fuel economy

Available in Octane 87, Octane 90 and Premium Octane 93

Refuel E85

(Pending OfReg Import Permit)

Cleanest Fuel on Cayman
Reduces lifecycle petroleum use
by up to 70%

Flex Fuel Vehicles Only

“There is incontrovertible evidence that the addition of ethanol to petrol and biodiesel to diesel will reduce the deaths and ill-health associated with the emissions produced by burning those fuels,”

– AMA President, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal 1

It’s better for Cayman.
Lower Emissions and more environmentally friendly.

1. Lower Emissions and more environmentally friendly. All fuel in developed countries contains Ethanol in its Petrol and Biodiesel in its Diesel in an effort to reduce emissions.

It’s better for your engine.
REFUEL’s fuel meets the highest international standards.

2. Quality is important to Refuel, our gasolines are oxygenated with renewable Ethanol not MMT.  MMT has been shown to foul spark plugs and intake valves, reduce vehicle performance and affect emission control systems. The Ethanol is also a solvent, and along with advanced detergent additives they help keep your engine and intake valves clean, prevent deposit build up,and maintain vehicle performance and fuel economy.
Our Diesels are oxygenated and lubricated with a Biodiesel additive, to help clean and lubricate your engine. Because Biodiesel is a solvent and lubricant, it helps clean you engine and provides excellent lubrication to reduce engine component wear and tear.

It’s better for your wallet.
REFUEL offers Cayman premium quality fuels for less.

3.Through our fleet and rewards programs, members will be able to access significant savings