Introducing the new way to Refuel – Refuel Mobile Delivery Service.

Refuel has launched a digitally powered Mobile Fuel Delivery Service!

Download the Refuel Mobile app, create an account and schedule your fuel delivery today!

App is available to Retail and Corporate Fleet Customers.

Mobile Fuel delivery to your Construction Equipment, Fleet, Generator, Storage Tank, or Boat.
ULSD or Premium 93 Gasoline.

Same great Refuel station product, delivered to your location.

To download the APP and become a Retail Customer today click the links below.

To become a credit account Corporate Fleet Customer please email

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

reduces carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide
and lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions from your motor vehicle

reduces engine component wear and tear
with advanced lubricating properties and additives


reduces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons
and lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions from your motor vehicle.
Advanced detergent additives help prevent deposit build up and keep intake valves clean, maintaining vehicle performance and fuel economy

Available in Premium Octane 93