We are an independent, Caymanian owned and operated company with the vision to make modern emission reducing fuels commonplace in Cayman; while lowering prices for our customers

Refuel Seven Mile Beach, Island Heritage Roundabout

Refuel Airport, Airport Post Office Roundabout
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“Better for the Environment, Better for your Engine, Better for your Wallet.”

“Fuel that doesn’t have to cost the Earth”

Refuel will supply 5 modern grades of fuel that are already used all over the world.
The most on the Island!
There will be three grades of E10, as well as one diesel grade, an ULSD/B5, and coming soon E85!*

Car manufacturers and experienced mechanics support the use of E10 and B5.
In fact, many car manufacturers now make flex fuel vehicles that can run on E85, 85% ethanol, and all Diesel engines can run on our ULSD

Better for your engine and performance

The ethanol in our gasoline and biodiesel in our ultra low sulphur diesel, contains more Oxygen than gas and diesel alone. This helps prevent deposits in your fuel system and allows for a more complete burn in your engine. This leads to better combustion, fewer emissions, a cleaner engine and optimized vehicle performance.The advanced detergent additives in our Gas help to further clean your engine and the incredible lubricating ability of Biodiesel helps to reduce engine component wear and tear. 

Better for your health and the environment.

Ethanol combustion compared to gasoline reduces lifecycle CO2 emissions by 40%-100% (depending on type of energy used for processing), CO emissions in E10 are reduced by up to 35%,and toxic carcinogens emissions in E10 are reduced by up to 30%.
Biodiesel combustion compared to Diesel reduces lifecycle C02 emissions by 78.5%, CO emissions by 37%, Sulphur Dioxide by 100% and potential carcinogens by 60-90%.

Better for your wallet. Better for business.

Refuel will have the most modern, extensive and automated fleet, loyalty and technology systems on Island. Coupled with our different model these programs will give loyal customers access to significant savings.

*E10(up to 10% Ethanol, 90%Gasoline) B5 (up to 5%Biodiesel 95%Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) and E85 (up to 85% Ethanol, 15% Gasoline)